Norwegian identity –
Taught by grandmothers, reinvented by Farikal

Farikal gathers, preserves and redesigns norwegian craft techniques which are about to go extinct.

The Craft Collection A/W 2017

Photo: Øystein Haara. Model: Eleonor Katarina Barth. Makeup: Miranda Aksnes. Hair: Adam og Eva Bergen.

September 2017

Since launching our debut collection in March 2017, we've proceeded with three pieces which are going to production. We've travelled to the charming Lillunn Factory in Drammen to see our friend Elisabeth Stray Pedersen, and decide whether it's possible or not to produce our garments in Norway using norwegian materials. She made it happen for us, and the three very special pieces we've put into production will be sold in our pop up in Bergen and webshop shop this september - in a very limited quantity.

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